Well, I would have to say that between work and family, I really haven't had much time to do all of the Free-MoN work I've wanted to.  I will have to say though that even though I haven't been able to do what I've wanted to, others have been "Full Steam Ahead"!

With that, I was able to bring a few things home from the club and work on in the garage.  I was able to get it done in a week and taken back to the club to work on there.  So, all in all, I hope that the next few months will be better, but soon my family of three will be 4.  With a new one in sight for December....I won't be able to get away over the holiday like I want, but oh well.  I keep telling myself, "when the last one is old enough..."

Until that day, I'll spend most of my time with my family and let this hobby be 3rd.


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